5 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

While I believe that au naturel is the best, I think that makeup is more of a self-expression, an art and a hobby that must not be looked down upon. I admit, though, that during my younger years, I judged my peers who used beauty products. I had these schema planted in my brain that makeup equates to being maarte, high-maintenance, show-off and all of the narcissistic adjectives you could think of. Growing up, I realized that there is really nothing wrong about wanting to use beauty products. People have different ways of expressing themselves, and some just happen to channel it through makeup.

I certainly am not a beauty junkie, and would consider myself a late bloomer among my peers. My interest in makeup started after my 18th birthday when a few people gifted me with make-up products. Right of the bat, I knew I needed to invest in more. I was also introduced to skincare products. Before, my usual regimen included body soap and water. Nyek.

From there my collection and knowledge about makeup and beauty expanded. Fast forward to May 2015, I came up with a count down of five beauty products I can’t live without. Well let’s be honest, I can live without them. But if asked if I could cut down the products I use to five categories, these are my pick.

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