MMS 172 Blog Number 0: Unofficial MMS 172 Blog Entry


If you have read my past entries and pages, you would know that I am currently studying BA Multimedia Studies at the UP Open University. It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, I’m making things work in the academe while being based abroad. It’s not easy – geographical and time difference is not to be taken lightly – but manageable if you will exert extra effort.

A close up of the Diliman Oblation

A close up of the Diliman Oblation

I haven’t been under BAMS for too long. This term is currently my 4th term, and I would say that I am in between being familiar with things and unearthing new jargon and traditions specific to the UPOU community. It was like I entered college all over again.


The creepy corridors of “FC” (Faculty Center)

My freshman year in UP Diliman was the hardest experience I’ve ever had in my college life. Coming from a very sheltered Montessori high school, I suddenly found myself in a jungle where anyone is ready to eat me alive. As weeks go by I finally got the hang of it, familiarized myself with a new system of schooling and adapted to the UP culture. Normally, transferring schools/UP units would not take a lot of adjustment. While geography and demography will affect the environment, there are commonalities among all units (blue book, free cut, University of Pila, CRS, SystemOne, GE, prerog, etc.)

The iconic isaw of Mang Larry

The iconic isaw of Mang Larry

After my first term in UPOU, I suddenly asked myself “What the hell was that?”. It was an entirely different thing. It was as if I was trained to survive the jungle and I suddenly knew I was battling inside Jurassic Park instead. It was hard at first, and it is still hard until now. If I were to compare it to my freshman year, I would say it is equally challenging, although I would consider the latter worse. In UPOU, I didn’t need to step on a pile of poo, attend grueling PEs, do fieldwork without fare money, miss four flights of stairs at the Philcoa bridge, make a fool out of myself along Commonwealth and chase SM North jeepneys. However, distance education, virtual classrooms and self-studying prove to be challenges despite the conveniences that UPOU can bring. And of course, no GE crushes to look forward to.


One of the pictures that I took during a Night Photography workshop hosted by UP Optics. Taken with a Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera.

I’m sorry for the long introduction. I felt the need to write it to build up the topic at hand. I haven’t written a similar narrative, and I find that this is a good avenue to tell that story. MMS 172: Audio in Multimedia is my second production course, after MMS 174: Graphics in Multimedia. This is my first MMS course that required a blog and an e-portfolio. Thanks to this subject, I was re-introduced to these platforms. Establishing a blog and creating a portfolio are things that I have attempted to do many times in the past but always failed to follow up. This course allowed me to those in less than 3 days. Because of that, I will declare this subject as my favorite UPOU subject so far (haha!).

In terms of academic requirements, I haven’t done something like this before. In UPD, I usually showcase my output in the form of Powerpoint or Prezi presentations, traditional cartolina and tangible learning materials (hehe Eduk days), plates and studies (I took FA 28) and freshly printed, mainit-init pa term papers. The closest thing to this was a requirement in EDCO 101: Introduction to Guidance. I opted to present my self-analysis profile using a “website”, and I still have that one up.

This course requires us to blog about our progress ever three weeks. While I’m set to put up my first entry around May 23, I decided to create an unofficial one just to get things started. In calisthenics, it’s like warming up. I know that I will utilize this platform more frequently in the future so I wanted to be used to it as early as now. In other words, para iwas nga-nga.

It has been a week since the opening of classes, and I already have a handful of experiences to share:

  • I encountered the term psychoacoustics for the first time.
  • When I learned of Sir Mike’s filmography, I knew that this course was serious business (with dashes and sprinkles of fun, hopefully).
  • Handling the class together with Sir Mike is Sir Al, and I’m looking forward to being his student under MMS 173.
  • Because of this subject, I was asked to tell about any particular experiences in handling audio. If I were to make it a Viralnova/Distractify click-bait headline, it would be ‘This Girl Was Asked About Her Experience With Audio. What She Tells Next Will Horrify You’.
  • My experience in handling audio is not in-depth. In fact, it is one aspect of multimedia I find myself least involved with.
  • I didn’t create the click-bait headline for no reason. The most “profound” experience that I’ve had with audio are immortalized in these videos.I was fourteen, trying to teach myself how to play the guitar, and giddy with every bit of progress. Giddy enough to record with a webcam mic, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity and Youtube.  I do not recommend that you play them (mainly because I want to preserve my dignity, loljk) but I will put these here for the sake of documentation.
  •  I spent more time deciding what sounds are pleasant and unpleasant to my ears than binge watching on Netflix.
  • I first heard of Adobe Audition. I wasn’t aware that such software existed. I downloaded it right away.
  • For the first time in my BAMS life, I am actually feeling the demands of my course. As I was repeating over and over in the intro – it is hard. But this is the first time I am feeling the thrill and fun.

There will be more of these entries in the future. I am excited to write about my progress in MMS 172 and join me in hoping that I will produce far better output than the examples that I embedded. Haha!

Let this be a start of many good things that will happen in my MMS life. Even though future courses will no longer require me to blog, I look forward to maintaining Salmon Wonder, maybe even after I graduate. It’s nice to have something that will remind me of my journey once I have established myself as a multimedia practitioner.

A photo that reminds that I shall exude honor and excellence all the time (day or night)

A reminder that I shall exude honor and excellence all the time (day or night)


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