Weekly Tunes: Wednesday Heartbreaks


I love all sorts of music genres. In fact, this playlist is all over the place. There’s country, punk, pop and rock. I picked out the songs based on what I’ve been listening to a lot the past week, and noticed a recurring theme in most songs – heart break.

It was unintentional, I promise! I haven’t really felt how was it like to have my heart broken in a romantic way, and the closest I can get to having a broken heart is Naruto Gaiden 1. I literally wanted to hurt people – SasuSaku shippers, can you feel me?! No need to fear though. For a whole week, I was on my bed wrapped like a burrito. Danger contained.

Having said that, I think that incident manifested in my song choices this week. My favorite song among all of them has to be Cassadee Pope’s version of Cry (it was originally by Faith Hill).  I’d like to insert a brush calligraphy of my favorite lyrics from that song.


I hope you’ll like this playlist. Have you discovered a new song to love? What’s your favorite from the list? Let me know what you think!


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